We bought property in Leeds for the student market but living some distance away were unable to oversee the works that were required to bring the properties to the legal standards. Our prayers were answered when we were introduced to Julian. He came recommended by a variety of sources and having inspected his work and spent some time with him discussing options we quickly felt able to trust him to run the project at Kirkstall Lane. He did what he set out to do with the minimum of fuss and to the maximum effect, on time and within the budget. Everybody was happy and the house has been rented ever since. The work has lasted well despite the efforts of the students! We were entirely satisfied and have employed him on 2 further projects. Julian does his homework, knows the market and is a no nonsense manager. Fiona Robotham
I am not sure whether you appreciate how much you have changed my life!! Working from home can be stressful and I had wanted to split the property into a good work space and a relaxing home. Had lots of ideas about the colour and design but no idea of how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be.

You listed my needs prioritised the work made lots of lists and arranged for the various workmen to arrive, work and leave in time for the next wave to arrive. And throughout the time you were always available for advice and to share my tantrums. And almost all within an agreed budget.

Since then I have been delighted to recommend you to others who have been amazed about how easy you make things happen and have been as satisfied as I was with your professionalism and, of course, the outcome.

I now have the office I love working in and private space that is gorgeous and so calming.

Next time I want to tackle such a big project I know exactly who to call.

Best wishes
Diane Saunders, IFA