Q1. How much does it cost for a quotation?

A. Our initial consultation is free, and if building regulations are not an issue then a quotation a provided free of charge and with no obligation.

If plans are needed for planning or Building Control compliance, then obviously it is impossible to provide a fixed quotation without knowing the correct specifications. If needed, we can drawer up plans and specifications and submit them to the relevant council office for approval. If a draughtsman is required then a fixed quote for drawing up plans and specifications is given.

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Q2. Will adding a basement add value to my property?

A. In most cases yes. However it is vital that all works comply with Building Regulations. If you are creating additional space, for example excavating debris out of a basement void, then planning permission will also be required. Failure to ensure compliance will result in problems when you come to sell your property.

A basement can be used to generate additional income in a rental property, in which case the property's rental yield will rise, adding value.

Although the property market at present is seeing a downturn there is still a great deal of pressure on housing stock, there simply isn't enough property to go round, so adding space, creating an additional room can only have a positive effect on a property's value into the future.

Forgetting everything else, there is value to be had in creative more living space in your home. There will be more room to move about, your home will have greater flexibility and it may save you the expense and aggravation associated in moving if you simply need another bedroom.

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Q3. Can my basement flood?

A. No property can be fully protected against flooding, however there are lots of factors that can either increase or decrease the risk of flooding at a property, depending on the causes and severity of the water ingress.

If you find water on the floor of your basement when it rains then it could be that the water table in your area is quite high, in which case modern sump systems are designed to pump water away from your property as and when water levels rise.

A lot of contractors fail to fit pumps correctly, either because they are not connected to the mains properly, or they have no means of access once flooring has been laid. Sump pumps must have a simple means of access, to allow for the frequent and vital maintenance they require.

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Q4. Does my property have a damp problem or is it condensation?

A. In a lot of cases people mistake mould caused by condensation as damp. Older properties were not designed to cope with insulation and sealed windows and doors. If moisture in the air has no means of escape it will condense on a cold wall or surface, which will then turn into a black mould in time. A property should be inspected by a damp specialist like basementconversions.com if damp or condensation is a problem.

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Q5. Do you just carry out the damp proof works?

A. No, we can also build extensions and carry out all manner of building and construction works. We also specialise in internal property refurbishments, combining all of the necessary trades needed to complete a project right down to the carpets and curtains if needed.

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